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We are a company which primarily based on stable long term supplies of fish and seafood products in local, national, and worldwide markets.


We do continually emphasize on the sustainability and professional business ethics. That consequently means our company supports sustainable fishing practice and fully controlling as well as maintains legality for all our products.


Profit is indeed our primary target, however with consideration. As such, this is our philosophy for long-term profitable business relationships with all our customers and business partners as well.

Our Working Process

Our process on creating and providing the best service.
  • 1. Sample Product

    After building a business relationship, we will send the sample based on the request from the prospective buyers.

  • 2. Purchasing Request and Order

    Once our sample approved, next we kindly ask for the purchasing request letter or a quotation letter from our buyers. After the price being set for both parties, we then ask for the purchasing order letter.

  • 3. Quality controlling and Finalizing

    Before sending our product, we do the quality control carefully. Once all the quality control done, subsequently we do the packaging phase gently and safely.

  • 4. Shipping and Invoice

    In this phase, we eventually complete all the shipping process and simultaneously issue the invoice for the buyers.


    % of Sample Products Approval Response


    % of Customers Satisfaction


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    % of After Sales Feedback

    Our Catalogue

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    This is us, committed to provide the best service to you


    M. Yusuf Anwar


    Rayhan Anwar


    Rahmat M

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